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H7 LED Fog Light Bulb factory

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H7 White Or Yellow LED Fog Light Bulb
Product Introduction:
All-in-one H7 LED fog light is engineered to maximize power output and visibility that most of SMD LED fog lights failed to, while remain bulb durability. Optionally white and yellow light enriches your choices.
Product Specifications:
Product features:
Energy Saving: Each LED bulb Delivers 1000 Lumens with low power consumption of 8.5 watts, these car LED bulbs are energy efficient and longer life span alternate to 55 watts halogen bulb but only produces 1000 Lumens.
Our Advantage:
Comprehensive categories: we continuously dedicate to enrich categories by developing market-oriented products to offer one-stop purchase. No need to check elsewhere any more.
Our service:
Route101 provides oversea distributors with OEM/ODM service for your own branding strategy.
Our certificate:
Route101 have successfully passed the certifications such as CE, E-mark, RoHS for Euro market, and DOT for United States market to help oversea clients with hassle-free import.
Our payment:
Our Shipping:
We have most of items stock available, the delivery time of small order is efficiently shortened to be 2-5 days, and of the bulk order is 5-15 days.
Adjust the headlight height switch in the car. Generally speaking, the headlight height adjustment switch adopts the roller adjustment. The number gear is marked on the roller. The height of the number indicates the height of the headlight. The higher the number, the higher the height of the headlight. . Of course, which gear is most suitable must be selected according to the actual situation. The vehicle load situation will cause different differences.
How to adjust car lights:
1. The height of the headlights is too high. Even if there is a headlight height adjustment knob in the car, it is of no avail to adjust to the initial 0″ position. Then we can adjust the height by adjusting the adjustment knob at the corresponding position behind the headlights. It is not the same as the car The location of the model needs to be adjusted and the tools used are not all similar, it needs to be determined according to the specific car model, most of which often encounter hexagonal wrenches and plum sockets;
2. Then stop the car at a position 7.6 meters away from the wall, and then turn on the light. Next, we will adjust the light’s irradiation position according to the position of the light on the wall. If there is a headlight height adjustment knob in the car, you should first adjust the headlight height adjustment knob to 0鈥?
3. In order to set these standard lines on the wall, we need to measure the 3 distances of the car headlights in advance. Distance A is the distance from the center of the low beam to the center of the car, and distance B is the center of the high beam to the center of the car. The distance of the axis; distance C is the distance from the center of the low beam to the ground;
4. Then use the tool to adjust the knob on the back of the headlight to make the light match the standard line on the wall. If you find it very difficult, then a fairly simple way to judge is to let a person with a height of 180cm stand in front of the car 7.6 Meters before the low beam contact should not be higher than the person’s buttocks. If it is too high, turn the adjusting knob to adjust.H7 LED Fog Light Bulb factory

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